Our MissionImmersion at its most impactful

We strive to provide safe, engaging, impactful, fun, age appropriate International immersion programs for younger U.S. based students and their families. It is our belief that through the careful selection of skilled, passionate Global partners, and the custom creation of programs to meet the needs of our unique participants, that we can safely introduce students to life beyond their personal borders starting from the early elementary years. Additionally, we seek to introduce the parents and families of our student participants to the import and magic of residential, cross-cultural immersion to better facilitate post-program reflection and increase the cultural fluency of our broader World community.

Global CitizenshipLanguage, Culture and Leadership Beyond the Classroom

There is no question that the study of language and culture is paramount to developing a better understanding of the world around us. At ILC we firmly support and deeply admire the incredible efforts that many of our schools and academic institutions are making here in the U.S. and abroad to expose young students to new cultures and languages. Through our programs, we hope to supplement the learning that is taking place in classrooms around the world, with real-life, on-the-ground experiences that both strengthen our participants' understanding of language and culture and provide them with intrinsic motivation to keep learning!

Each ILC experience is specifically designed to grant participants the chance to step beyond their borders and build friendships with their peers in China and the world, all while facilitating genuine, person to person exchange that leads to deeper understanding. It is our greatest hope that the relationships built during ILC programs will contribute to a more closely connected international community in the future.