ILC SummerCampus Life

An age appropriate residential environment for elementary school students.

Situated on a picturesque 200 acre property on Tai Lake, The Taihu International School campus and State-of-the-Art facility provides a beautiful, safe, and inspirational backdrop for International Leadership Camp campers.

From the moment that you step inside the Taihu Great Learning Center's gorgeous front gates, the energy and warmth of the campus is undeniable. Tucked away from the lights, noise and pollution of the city, International Leadership Camp campers only have to worry about learning, making friends, experiencing a new culture, and maybe doing the occasional dorm-room chore.

ILC SummerHealthy Living

Built from sustainable materials, and featuring its own organic farm, the Taihu International School and Great Learning Center provides campers with an opportunity to establish healthy eating and living habits.


One of the most exciting things about experiencing a new culture, is trying the food. That said, we at The International Leadership Camp also know that traveling to an unfamiliar place and eating the food can also be a little intimidating, so we are here to make sure that it's not. With expertly trained chefs using only the finest organic ingredients, our campers can look forward to eating delicious, well balanced meals in the Taihu International School's beautiful, modern dining room. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks are served to our campers daily, and each meal features a unique menu with both home-style Chinese options, as well as Western alternatives. With 60% of the food that our campers eat coming from organic farmland on the campus itself, and the rest being carefully sourced through organic lines, everything is fresh, healthy and amazingly good.

Dormitory Living

The Taihu International School's focus on healthy living can be felt everywhere on campus, and the student dorms are no exception. Each student room at WTIS is an upscale, spacious living area that can accommodate up to six campers comfortably. Each dorm room features wooden bunk beds with organic mattresses, a modern marble and glass Western style bathroom, lots of beautiful windows and air conditioning. All International Leadership Camp campers will live in the school's main student building with separate floors for female and male campers. All of our American staff will live on these floors as well, providing each camper with easy access to adult help should they need it.

Medical Care

The Taihu International School's resident medical team is available 24/7 to provide expert assistance to all of The International Leadership Camp's campers, and the school has two Doctors on staff at all times. In addition to providing emergency and sick care, our medical team will also handle the storing and dispensing of all camper medications. As an added precaution, The International Leadership Camp doctors use only U.S. medications when treating basic ailments like headaches, upset stomachs, bumps and bruises etc.

In the event of a serious medical emergency, campers will be transported to a nearby hospital in Suzhou which is less than a 30 minute drive from campus. The healthcare system in Suzhou is widely regarded as one of the best in all of China, and features English speaking staff and the newest medical technology. Parents will ALWAYS BE INFORMED of any situation in which their child is required to visit a hospital!

Personal Technology

PAs part of our total immersion program, International Leadership Camp participants are required to turn in all electronic devices once they arrive at The Taihu International School. These devices will be securely stored and returned to each camper at the end of our program. This policy is designed to keep our program as distraction free as possible, as well as to protect each of our campers from the risks that can accompany the unmonitored use of many modern electronics.

While we feel that it is important for all of our campers to "unplug", we also understand that without cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. communication becomes a little more difficult. All International Leadership Camp campers will of course have the opportunity to call home shortly after their arrival in Shanghai. After this point campers will be asked to hand write letters that will then be scanned by our staff and emailed to their intended recipient, avoiding the potentially long mailing times from China to the United States. Family members and friends will similarly be able to email campers at our general camper inbox, and have their emails printed and delivered on our campus.

Camp Kweebec Program

Camp Kweebec Program

Camp Kweebec Program

Camp Kweebec Program

Camp Kweebec Program

Upcoming ILC Summer Programs
2018 Dates & Fees

Session 1: July 8th to July 23rd, 2018

Tuition Fee: $3500 USD