Summer China International Leadership Camp

Immersive Mandarin Language Curriculum

Aspiring Mandarin speakers of all levels, from near fluent to absolute beginner, will appreciate the ILC's fun, rigorous, and engaging language program.

With The International Leadership Camp's small program size, and skilled teaching staff, each camper can look forward to expert instruction and guidance based on their individual needs and learning style. Utilizing a unique blend of classroom instruction and experiential learning methods, The International Leadership Camp's Mandarin Language Program helps students build a solid foundation in the Chinese language, and gives them the confidence and tools to continue studying and speaking Mandarin for life.

ILC campers USE their Mandarin knowledge every day as they live and build friendships with their Chinese peers!

A prior knowledge of Mandarin is NOT a requirement of The International Leadership Camp's program however, a strong desire to learn and a willingness to work toward specific goals is vital to each camper's success. Topics and areas covered in our 2 week language program vary based on ability but can include: The Chinese Sound System and Four Tones, Simple Finals (vowels), Monosyllabic Finals, Compound Finals, Spelling Rules, Chinese Initials, Bisyllabic Words, Tone Sandhi, Neutral Tones, The Chinese Writing System, Basic Stroke Orders and more.

All participants will receive official documents from the Taihu International School detailing their achievements.

Upcoming ILC Summer Programs
2018 Dates & Fees

Session 1: July 8th to July 23rd, 2018

Tuition Fee: $3500 USD