Summer China International Leadership Camp

Our Staff

Our program features a skilled, attentive and mature adult staff, carefully selected and trained by the Taihu International School in China, or by the American office of The International Leadership Camp. These staff members truly understand the importance of their role in in the safety, welfare, education and overall experience of our campers.

Any student can tell you that a class, or a program is only as good as the teacher or teachers involved, and we absolutely agree. At The International Leadership Camp we are committed to ensuring that every child that participates in our program returns home to the United States happy, healthy and proud of their achievements within our program. We understand that providing our campers with the very best staff ensures that they will have the kind of positive support system that makes it possible for them to achieve their goals and feel entirely comfortable in their environment.

ILC campers will NEVER FEEL ALONE, and with our policy of having one staff member for every two to three campers, help is always nearby.

To create the best possible learning, living and recreational environment for our campers, The International Leadership Camp features both exceptional teachers and master faculty members from the Taihu International School and talented, mature American counselors. Each of these groups are trained, adult educators that will be with our campers throughout their time in China, and are committed to providing both educational and emotional support. International Leadership Camp campers will NEVER FEEL ALONE, and with our policy of having one staff member for every two to three campers, they truly never will be. Traveling to a different country and experiencing a new culture can be a challenge for anyone, but International Leadership Camp campers and their families can feel secure knowing that we have drawn on over a century of childcare experience in order to create the safest, most supportive environment possible.

Our Directors

In addition to counselor and teaching staff, The International Leadership Camp is overseen by Principal of Taihu International School, Dr. Sami Kuo, Master Teacher, Shumei Lee, and Directed and Run by Diana Hou and Matthew Rosenfeld, who has over 30 years of combind experience designing and implementing cutting edge camp programs. Not only are each of these people intricately involved in the daily operations of The International Leadership Camp Program, but they are also fundamentally committed to caring for and educating each participating child. Wildly creative, deeply experienced, and highly educated, Diana, Dr. Kuo and Teacher Lee will always be available to our campers in the event that they could use an extra hand.

The American Administrators of the International Leadership Camp serve as the primary contacts for the parents of participating campers, and a member of our team is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist with any questions or concerns. This system ensures consistent and easy communication between parents and guardians here in the US and camp administrators in China.

Upcoming ILC Summer Programs
2018 Dates & Fees

Session 1: July 8th to July 23rd, 2018

Tuition Fee: $3500 USD