Summer China International Leadership Camp

"Experience the fun, excitement & friendship of summer camp... In China!"

Welcome to The ILC Summer Program

The ILC Summer Program is open to U.S. based students in 3rd through 6th grade

Set on the beautiful, 200 acre lakefront campus of the Wujiang Taihu International School in Jiangsu Province, China, and designed to feature many of the best elements of American-style Overnight Camps, a summer with ILC is one spent building lifelong memories and friendships with peer-age children from China and Taiwan, in a safe, nurturing, elementary boarding school environment.

Summer should be fun, lots of fun, AND so much more!

For most children here in the U.S., summer is a magical time filled with endless possibilities and (hopefully) a very limited amount of homework. Here at ILC we firmly believe that it is important for kids to use their summers to take a break from the pressures often presented by daily life in our highly structured, adult driven world. That is why we strive to create an environment where children are free to dream, think, learn, grow, lead and of course, play. It is within this context that we find even our youngest participants eager and ready to experience the wonder and to confront the challenges of studying abroad.

With skilled and understanding adults in the background to protect their sense of security, ILC campers build self-confidence and independence all while cultivating a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, and learning to communicate and make friends outside of their borders. Chinese and U.S. campers participate in engaging activities like Kung Fu, Soccer, Meditation, Basketball, Farming, Music, Art, Calligraphy etc., together, allowing them to build on shared experiences as they navigate cultural differences and learn to live at camp, away from home.

When you choose ILC you have placed in us a deep trust to protect the welfare of your children. We appreciate and respect that trust and extend every effort to create the kind of community where every child can flourish and return to you at the conclusion of the summer, happy, healthy, and more self-assured.

Upcoming ILC Summer Programs
2018 Dates & Fees

Session 1: July 8th to July 23rd, 2018

Tuition Fee: $3500 USD